About ILD 99

“I.L.D.-99 Audit” (the “Company”) is one of first independent audit firms in Albania with its own history and established traditions. The history of the “I.L.D.-99 Auditing” company started on 2003 by its founder Mr. Kamberi who had 6 years of experience in practice. The business started under the conditions of almost full legal vacuum in the field of audit.

During the last 20 years of successful operations in Albania and Kosovo, “I.L.D.-99 Audit”, grew as a solid and reputable financial advisory services company. At the moment, it employs 11 experts out of whom five are highly qualified experts: 3 being certified chartered auditors, one certified accountant, one tax expert and the rest being senior assistants. The key personnel have vast work experience at enterprises operating in different industries in Albanian and Kosovo market.

The legal seat of the Company is in the centre of Tirana with the services being provided within all territory of Albania and abroad.

The core business of the company is the auditing services followed by accounting and tax advisory services. The main objective of the company is providing high quality services to our clients.

Mr. Luan Kamberi

Partner, Tax & Audit

Expert qualified in audit, accounting and tax with 15 years of experience. Luan is a certified chartered auditor. He is highly qualified and has a deep knowledge...Read More