Accounting services and correct bookkeeping is something that is required for every organization. “I.L.D.-99 Auditing” has a dedicated team of accounting that provides services on registration, recovery and maintenance of accounting.

The Company work is to ensure correct maintenance of your bookkeeping, accounting services, bookkeeping recovery, compilation of a balance sheet. We provide optimal maintenance of your bookkeeping – preparation of routine accounting documents, payroll accounting, preparation of bank transfer requests, processing of cash operations, processing of individual cards for each employee.

Some of the clients receive the following services on monthly basis:

  • Review of common documents (coupons, mandates, invoices, official documents) based on local rules and legislation and their management according to the best practices.
  • Preparation of routine accounting documents (bills, acts, way-bills, invoices)
  • Payroll accounting, preparation of bank transfer requests
  • Processing of cash operations
  • Processing of provided basic documents in accounting programme
  • Tax assessment in accordance with existing legislation
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting to respective authorities.

Annual preparation of financial statements for fiscal and management purposes including:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow
  • Changes in equity
  • Tax assessment in accordance with existing legislation
  • Notes to the financial statements