We pride ourselves on our ability to provide real services for all businesses, being approachable and communicating as real people rather than “number crunchers” or “bean counters”. It is not all about the numbers, but also about how we can assist you with your quest for growing and protecting your asset base and gaining the maximum result from your business both in income and lifestyle.

Our culture is to be ambitious and progressive, always looking to break the mould of traditional audit and accounting firms to offer you great services with proven results to help you achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.

We believe developing trust in our fast-paced business world requires an ongoing commitment to integrity, high-quality service and open communication. At ILD 99 Audit, we strive everyday to build that trust with clients. Our team is committed to providing proactive, innovative and comprehensive solutions that help clients reach their goals.

Our strategy is to consider the clients business issues as our issues and maintain good relations with all business partners and institutions.